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  • SecureRF Corporation,
    100 Beard Sawmill Road ,,
    Shelton , Connecticut , 06484 , United States
    , Telephone: 12032273151

  • SecureRF Corporation,
    75 East Santa Clara Street
    San Jose , CA , 95113 , United States
    , Telephone: 1 (203) 227-3151

  • SecureRF Corporation,
    100 Beard Sawmill Road, Suite 350
    Shelton , Connecticut , 06484 , United States
    , Telephone: 2032273151


Ideally suited for the billions of devices (e.g., microcontrollers, ASICs, FPGAs, and sensors) headed for the IoT, our quantum-resistant cryptographic constructions are smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient than today’s commercial solutions.

SecureRF allows the RL78 (and other low-resource Renesas MCUs used in edge devices) to connect to more powerful endpoints with maximum efficiency because SecureRF’s key agreement protocol is “computationally asymmetric”, enabling the computational load on the edge devices (like the RL78) to be minimized. This unique characteristic provides a significant cost savings (other solutions require a more powerful MCU or even a second processor to deliver a comparable level of security), superior speed and energy utilization at the edge. "

Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm

SecureRF’s Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm (WalnutDSA) includes digital signing and an ultra-fast signature verification method. By utilizing SecureRF’s breakthrough Group Theoretic Cryptography methods, WalnutDSA, delivers significantly better performance over current commercial solutions like Elliptic Curve Cryptography’s Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). SecureRF methods scale linearly while legacy methods such as ECC scale in quadratic time, enabling our methods to deliver higher efficiency relative to other methods as security levels are increased.

Key Features:

  • SecureRF delivers a 38.2x speed improvement over ECC on the RL78 with a direct correlation between run-time and total energy consumption, our speed advantage also delivers a 38.2x reduction in energy consumption
  • Integration with existing asymmetric and symmetric methods
  • Software libraries for the RL78 plus other low-resource platforms the RL78 may connect to including the ARM Cortex-M processor family, RISC-V, as well as 8- and 16-bit MCU's
  • Available as an IP for FPGAs and ASICS
  • WalnutDSA Signature Generator SDK available for Windows or Linux

Ironwood Key Agreement Protocol

SecureRF's Ironwood Key Agreement Protocol (Ironwood KAP) is an ultra-fast, low-energy, Diffie-Hellman-like authentication protocol that establishes a shared secret between two parties. It delivers over 30 times more efficient performance than Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) by utilizing SecureRF’s breakthrough Group Theoretic Cryptography. As with all our methods, due to the linear characteristics of Ironwood, even greater efficiency over ECC is attained at higher security levels. For devices that will be in the field for more than five years, Ironwood is quantum-resistant to all known attacks.

Key Features

  • Faster than ECDH at 128-bit security level (ECC 256); higher efficiency as security levels increase due to linear characteristics of algorithm
  • Integration with existing asymmetric and symmetric methods
  • Software library for the RL78 and other 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs
  • Quantum resistant

SecureRF's IoT Embedded Security Development Kit includes APIs to implement the Ironwood KAP as well as the company's Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm.




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8, 16-bit Ultra-low-power MCUs

  • RL78 Family